Learning Styles Overview

A lot of people recognize the fact that people differ and each person may prefer a different learning style and technique. The style or technique that works for one may not work for the order; thus, it is essential to understand the different learning styles. Learning styles group common ways suitable for people to learn. Everybody combines different learning styles. Some people may discover that their style of learning is dominant, and make little use of other styles. While others may discover that they employ different learning styles in different situations. There is no right combination of learning style, nor are your learning styles fixed. It is possible to develop more in less dominant styles, and also enhance the learning style you are familiar with.

A relatively new approach that educators have only recently started to recognize involves using multiple learning styles and multiple intelligences for learning. Traditional schooling employs mainly linguistic and logical methods of teaching; it also makes use of a limited range of teaching and learning techniques. A lot of schools depend on classroom and book-based teaching, plenty repetition, and pressured exams for review and reinforcement. A result is that we often tag those who practice such learning styles as bright. Those who employ less favored learning styles usually find themselves in lower classes, with several different not-so complimentary labels and lower quality teaching in some occasions. Positive and negative spirals can be created that strengthen the belief that one is “dumb” or “smart.”

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